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Farm Principles



Food Transparency


We believe consumers are entitled to know how their food is raised.  A grocery store can be a confusing place, products from all corners of the earth are somehow sold under one roof.  How was the food raised?  Who raised it?  How did it get here?  We find ourselves asking these questions too often.  Conventional agriculture is purposely deceitful, utilizing buzz words and clever packaging to convince customers to buy subpar products.  We want to be better than that. 

We advocate for 100% food transparency.  We will gladly share the story of how, why, and when your food was produced.  We welcome all of our customers to come and visit the farm. We hope that you can see and taste the difference.  Our farm is always open for tours.  




Raised with Respect


One of the main driving factors in starting a farm was that we learned about the horrendous conditions under which the majority of animals raised in the United States live.  We believe that all animals should be raised in a healthy environment that allows them to flourish.  They should be given ample space to express their instincts and individual traits.   

During the growing season, our animals live outdoors and always have access to shelter from the elements.  In the harsh winter months, they are provided with additional shelter and deep bedding to keep them warm.  Our animals are always raised in an environment free from over-crowding and unnecessary stress. 



Grass Based & Mimicking Nature


We believe in raising animals on pasture to provide superior nutrition for both livestock and consumer, all the while increasing soil fertility.  By raising animals on grass, as opposed to feedlots or in confinement, the carbon cycle starts and ends on our farm.  Fresh grass is consumed by the animals and redeposited as manure in our fields, improving the soil and quality of the pasture for the next generation. 

In nature, herbivores move across the landscape in search of fresh grass.  They are followed by birds, who reap the benefits of the trampled grass as they hunt for bugs. The birds help distribute manure and sanitize the pasture, keeping the landscape free of parasites in preparation for the return of the herbivore.

We replicate this system by moving our sheep, the herbivore, across the farm followed by our laying hens.  The animals are living as nature intended and we are able to enjoy high quality eggs and meat. 


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