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What We Raise


Dorper Sheep


We welcomed a flock of Dorper sheep to the farm in June of 2021.

The Dorper breed was developed in South Africa in 1942, by crossing a Dorset Horn Ram with a Persian Black Headed Ewe.  Their coat is a mixture of hair and wool that they shed every spring/summer.  These sheep are easy keepers, requiring no shearing, minimal hoof maintenance, and are naturally resistant to parasites.  The meat from Dorper Sheep is more mild tasting than traditional wool breeds.  Our flock is moved daily to fresh pasture, and fed hay during the winter months.  This breed does particularly well on grass and does not require any supplemental grain.

We offer 100% grass-fed lamb by the whole or cut. 


Berkshire Hogs


We raise small groups of Berkshire Hogs rotated through wooded pastures and in our hoop houses on deep bedding depending on the time of year. The pigs are fed 100% Certified Organic grain, scraps from our garden, and apples from our neighbor's orchard. Berkshire Pork is heavily marbled, full of flavor, and has a deeper color as compared to standard pork found in the grocery store.

We offer pork by the whole, half, or cut. 


Broiler Chickens


We raise Cornish Cross broiler chickens on pasture for meat.  This is the standard meat breed that you will find in any grocery store in the United States. 

We receive these birds as 1 day old chicks from a local hatchery and they go straight into our brooder.  They spend their first couple weeks in the brooder staying warm and safe from predators.  Once they've gotten a bit bigger, we move them to our mobile chicken tractors out on pasture.  The mobile tractors allow us to easily move the birds to fresh grass daily. Pastured chickens will get up to 25% of their nutritional needs from foraging for insects and grass.  This fast growing breed is also provided with an Organic feed, but we find the extra exercise and nutrition from being raised on pasture results in a tender and delicious bird!

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Laying Hens


Our flock consists of a variety of breeds including Black Australorp, Buff Orpington, Welsummer, ISA Brown, Cuckoo Maran, Golden Lace Wyandotte, Silver Lace Wyandotte, White Leghorn, Brown Leghorn, and Americauna.  These breeds produce a variety of egg colors ranging from white to brown to blue!  We appreciate the variety and different traits represented by these breeds. What some lack in production, they make up for in hardiness and friendliness. 

The hens live in a mobile chicken coop, that we move each day to new grass.  We open the doors first thing in the morning and they spend their days roaming our pastures, eating grass and scratching the dirt looking for bugs & worms.  During the winter months when snow covers the pasture, our hens live in a hoop house with deep bedding.  The deep bedding encourages scratching, absorbs moisture & manure, and maintains a clean environment for the birds. 



The Garden


While our farm's focus is on livestock, we also keep a garden.  We abide by organic, no-till principles, never using herbicides or pesticides.  Our goal with the garden is first to provide for our family and we will offer any additional produce that is available.  This season we are planting sugar snap peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, green beens, peppers, beets, carrots, and more! 

Garden offerings will vary from week to week.  When placing orders for chicken and eggs, please be sure to check out our "From the Garden" page to see what is available. 

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